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I want this for some Help documentation in CMakeVMMakerSqueak so I can show the end user all the methods in a specific method category.


Here is a quick example showing all the methods in the Class CompiledMethod under method category ‘accessing-pragmas & properties’:


Browser openBrowserView:((Browser new)
selectSystemCategory: #’Kernel-Methods’;
selectClass: CompiledMethod;
metaClassIndicated: false;
selectMessageCategoryNamed: #’accessing-pragmas & properties’;
selectMessageNamed: nil;
label: ‘Message Category Browser (‘, #’Kernel-Classes’ asString, ‘)’.

You can get that view by right-clicking on the method category name and selecting ‘browse’.

I think a wrapper class for this would be useful.






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Shut-down the machine. Unplug it. Wait a bit. Plug it back in and boot.

Symptoms where none of my usb devices would show up with lsusb or lsscsi.
My usb mouse did not work.

dmesg had errors like:

usb 9 – 4 device not accepting address 8, -error -32
usb 9 – 4 device not accepting address 9, -error -32
hub 9-0:1.0 unable to enumerate usb device on port 4

A google on the above finally yielded the fix.

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I just completed this tutorial:


I have written my first plugin! Woot!

Okey-dokey…now on to fixing the SqueakSSL plugin.

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Although the source is on GitHub, it is worth, first browsing http://squeakbyexample.org/

You can download the LaTeX source from GitHub via SquareBracketAssociates here.

On a clean Slackware 14.1 distribution the make command will fail. For some reason, TeX is not in the $PATH environment variable. I add it in my /etc/profile.


run source /etc/profile to update your environment and then run make. The compile will produce some errors.

I had 3 errors of missing .sty files
I had 1 error caused by my Slackware’s texmf being a bit behind the cutting edge curve the Mac Boyz probably have.

The missing styles are:

topcapt.sty found at :http://www.ctan.org/pkg/topcapt
isodateo.sty found at :http://www.ctan.org/pkg/isodate
substr.sty found at: http://www.ctan.org/pkg/substr

After installing, be sure to run texhash so LaTex can find them.

Once the packages are found, there is still a minor bug. The fix is at line 70 of common.tex. My guess is that the LaTeX on Slack is behind the Uber Cutting edge tools the developers of the book have (Look at the mouse in figure 1.4 on page 18…definitely rich-boy hardware (:)

The workaround is to revert to an older directive. Here are the relevant lines in my common.tex with the problem commented out and the hack in place:

%:PDF version
%\pdfminorversion=3 % Set PDF to 1.3 for Lulu

With that, the make clean; make ran without errors.

Now, take a look at that mouse!


I suspect the author drives a Maserati as well. (:

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