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Squeak Help rant

I am currently writing some Help for the PostgresV3 package and I am reminded why I dislike the Squeak Help infrastructure.

In no particular order, my beefs:

  1. I am coding Help instead of Writing Help. I.e.
  2. I am thinking about Coding instead of thinking about the Subject Matter
  3. (Why did I start using 1700 Writing conventions of capitalizing Odd Words? Nevermind, it is late)
  4. The Help is limited to the Squeak environment.
  5. I cannot use the linux tools: ‘man’ , ‘info’, ’emacs org-mode’ .
  6. The “documents” are small. That is, I am forced into navigating many small pages of text instead of one big page of text.
  7. The Search bar works, and is appreciated.
  8. Navigation depends on the left side tree.
  9. When I click on a sub-topic (with the book icon) there is no content displayed in the content pane.

Rant off.


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